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This page is dedicated to the era in which we grew up, the SIXTIES.
So, come on, take a stroll down Memory Lane....

peace, man
The SIXTIES were exciting times, revolution, turbulance, gay liberation, sexual freedom, and great social and technological change.

Sixties Keywords;
Yorkville, The Bagel King, hippies, flower power, Betty Jane Shoes, bellbottoms, Topps Toy Town, mini-skirts, psychedelic, groovy, Nixon, Vietnam, Black Panthers, Beatles, Ed Sullivan, Stop Spadina, Monte Carlo (Mama's) Pizza.

Sixties Highlights;
1965 - color TV
1967 - the first heart transplant
1968 - Forest Hill Village Amalgamates with the City of Toronto.
1968 - Assassination of Martin Luther King
1969 - Ontario Science Center opens
1969 - Manson cult murders, Apollo 11; first man on the moon, Chappaquiddick, Woodstock, first Penthouse publication,
1969 - Academy Award for Midnight Cowboy, cult movie; Easy Rider, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
1969 - TV debuts of Batman, Marcus Welby, The Brady Bunch and Sesame Street. Smoking ads banned. records

Music of the Sixties;
The music of the times included, Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles and Peter, Paul and Mary.

Although Elvis was still the rock 'n roll King A group of Beatles four entered the scene From England they crossed the mighty seas Singing "The Yellow Submarine."

We learned how to do the Twist It was a dance we did without a strain And then Chubby Checkers appeared once more And said, "Let's Do The Twist Again!"
Here is a sampling of tunes for your listening pleasure.

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 The Eve of Destruction You
 Knocking on Heaven's Door
 Do Wah Diddy
 Earth Angel
 Going out of My Head
 Hey Paula
 It's My Party
 Pretty Woman
 Honky Tonk Woman
 I Can't Get No Satisfaction
 I'm a Believer
 To Sir With Love
 Brown Eyed Girl
 Go Away Little Girl
 Johnny Angel
 Lay Lady Lay
 Louie Louie
 Mustang Sally
 Monday Monday
 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
 Sealed With a Kiss
 It's In His Kiss
 Going Out of My Head
 Return To Sender
 Theme From A Summerplace
 The Age Of Aquarius
 Return To Sender

Now, while you're listening to those old tunes,
here are a few oldies-type fonts for you to download!
(sorry, these are PC true type only)
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Art Deco
Banana Split
Brady Bunch
Twilight Zone